There is a direct correlation between the composition and dynamics of the board of directors and an organisation’s success.

Alumni is one of the most experienced Nordic firms when it comes to non-executive board composition and dynamics. Our clients are found amongst the largest institutional owners as well as PE/VC firms and private ownership spheres.

Board Review

The work of today’s board of directors is transparent and in ever-increasing focus, as demands and responsibilities keep on growing. Corporate governance is a dynamic area that is constantly under review, both nationally and globally, so as to meet the demands and expectations of all the various stakeholders.

Our quantitative and qualitative review process provides insight into:
  • Does the board spend its time on the right issues? Can the board be more effective? What can be improved?
  • Does the board have the right composition regarding background, competence, diversity, and personal dynamics? If not, what needs to be added?
  • The chair and the CEO – do they fulfil their undertakings in a satisfactory way?
  • The individual director – do the directors of the board contribute with competence and commitment?

The review is tailored to the needs and expectations of the board and the challenges it will face in the future, as well as taking previous reviews and assessments of the board's work into account.

Board Recruitment

An effective board of directors with the right composition safeguards a company’s development and both supports and challenges the CEO. This applies to both large and small companies and organisations under different forms of ownership.

Our clients benefit from our genuine understanding of good corporate governance practices, board dynamics, and our network of candidates with a broad range of industrial, functional and geographical backgrounds. We have often been a key partner for nominating committees with a sincere ambition to increase the multi-factor diversity of the boardroom.

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