Contrasting perspectives of leadership

How does a specific viewpoint come to play in our perspective on the needs of the company? To understand this we reached out to our Nordic network and got 584 respondents to share their perspective on leadership.

In our report we see perspectives from a variety of roles and backgrounds but all active in leading Nordic companies. Centered on a few key strategic questions of where they are today and what they believe they need ahead, we have aimed to uncover where the largest differences in perspective lie between a company’s board, its CEO and the senior leadership team.

Key Insights:
  • 6 out of 10 described their market as highly competitive.
  • CEOs were significantly more likely to cite rapid change in their market.
  • 28% of the CEOs agreed their market has few key players, whereas among owners and board members only 11% agreed to such statement.
  • Not even half (49,6%) of all respondents thought they have the right leadership in place and even less (45%) think they have the right people to succeed.
  • The lowest belief in the organisation´s people was found among CEOs at 42%.

Topics covered in this report are: How to understand different perspectives and roles; Survival during disruption; Company assessment; Market outlook; Long term success; Roles and responsibilities; Global Context; more perspectives.