We cover the executive’s journey from onboarding to continuous development through coaching and advisory.

Our consultants build a team of chartered psychologists and experienced business executives with experience in assessments, coaching and advisory allowing us to provide high calibre advisory services and support to executives across industries.

Executive Coaching

Over the past 30 years, executive coaching has gone from rare to common. Our action oriented executive coaching and advisory supports leaders in strengthening and building their leadership capabilities. 

Possible outcomes include:
  • Increased personal impact through more efficient communication
  • Better ability to handle contextual challenges, for example transformation
  • Increased efficiency and productivity within organisation through better planning, structure and clarity
  • Secured strategic alignment

Executive Onboarding – ‘First 100 Days’

Executive performance and retention are determined within the first 100 days. Our ‘First 100 Days’ program focuses on business and relationships, not on tactical or administrative issues. Effective integration improves retention rates by 50 percent and time to productivity by 60 percent.  

The ‘First 100 Days’ concept supports executives in successful integration by securing:
  • Faster overall integration
  • Improved time to productivity
  • Improved executive retention
  • Increased trust within the organisation
  • Accelerated achievement of results
  • Smoother adaptation to company culture and content

Executive Team Development

An effective executive team is your most important leader tool and a tremendous competitive advantage – for the business as well as for attracting and retaining key players. Star employees demand high performing executive teams.

Successful leaders are aware of their strengths and know how to develop and make use of them. Capitalise on your talent. In addition, make sure the weaknesses that may influence your performance are dealt with and you will attain a viable leadership.

We help you build and develop an organisation where people work together effectively.

Among other things, group roles, personalities, operational management and strategic capacity are identified.

Possible focus areas for executive team development:
  • Understanding the team’s power and potential
  • Making discoveries about oneself and others
  • Dealing with conflicts
  • Finding ways of collaborating and communicating
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Creating trust
  • Making decisions that will work in practice
  • Putting the needs of the team before your own

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