Having the right leaders – in the right place and at the right time – is pivotal to any organisation’s success. 

We believe in business success through people – that businesses develop and grow in the right conditions, with the right people onboard. With our expertise in executive assessments, audits and development, we help to secure performance, profitability and alignment to your business strategy. Together, we are shaping the leadership of the future. 

Our methodology

We map and assess four areas and organise them into three domains of leadership: THINK (strategic) – RELATE (interpersonal) – DO (operative).

  • Can do: aptitude and capacity

  • Will do: leadership and personality

  • Want to do: values and motivation for the role

  • Have done: competence and expertise

Executive Assessment & Second Opinion

We provide an objective forum for all parties in decision making through a range of services and solutions, adapted to your specific needs.

Typical assessment assignments are either as part of an executive search process, or separate, so called ‘second opinions’. We conduct both functional and personality assessments and evaluate cultural as well as motivational fit.

Assessments are a great way to:
  • Get impartial advice and support whilst selecting candidates
  • Invest in people and gain an objective assessment of their strengths and development areas
  • Receive second opinions of an individual’s strengths and development areas
  • Minimise risks, identify potential
  • Support succession planning

Management Audit

A typical management audit takes place in a pre or post acquisition phase, or in a transformation that requires a review of the current executive team.

The process begins with a thorough analysis of competence, motivation and possible development areas, in relation to the specific circumstances of the organisation. We identify organisational challenges and focus areas linked to leadership and provide advice on these.

Typical outputs of a management audit include:
  • In-depth personality assessment of each team member covering motivation, personality and leadership, analytical capacity and stress style
  • Functional assessment covering the individual’s current skill-set comparing it with that needed for the role
  • Management team effectiveness assessment, covering fundamentals such as team dynamics, meeting culture, decision climate and adherence to decisions and strategic vs. operative focus

Board Review

The work of today’s boards of directors is transparent and in ever-increasing focus, as demands and responsibilities keep on growing. Corporate governance is a dynamic area that is constantly under review, both nationally and globally, so as to meet the demands and expectations of all the various stakeholders.

A quantitative and qualitative appraisal provides insight into:
  • Does the board spend its time on the right issues? Can the board be more effective? What can be improved?
  • Does the board have the right composition regarding background, competence, diversity, and personal dynamics? If not, what needs to be added?
  • The chair and the CEO – do they fulfil their undertakings in a satisfactory way?
  • The individual director – do the directors of the board contribute with competence and commitment?

The review is tailored to the needs and expectations of the board and the challenges it will face in the future, as well as taking previous reviews and assessments of the board’s work into account.

Assessment Tools

We typically utilise Hogan’s Assessment Systems (HPI, HDS, MVPI) or the Perspektiv personality test, developed by PAT Management and Ravens Matrices for measuring general mental ability. There is a wide range of competence and certified consultants on board, whereby we can provide tailored solutions based on the objective and desired output. 

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