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We’re particularly focused on insights into the leadership of tomorrow, trends within digital transformation and the gig economy, and want to share with you our perspectives on these areas.


Together with our partners from the London Business School Leadership Institute, we sought out the biggest factors impacting your board in 2018 and beyond. Here are our biggest insights, along with some of our perspectives on the implications and recommended next steps.

Digitalisation and technology development seems to be on every company’s agenda these days. We see huge potential for utilising the power of technology to enhance the professional leadership services industry.

The pros and cons of the gig economy are still being thoroughly discussed in organisations. We boil down the key points for you to keep in mind when considering Interim management in your organisation.

Do PE firms struggle to attract female board directors? Alumni partner Catharina Mannerfelt shares insights and recommendations based on conversations with female board professionals. 


Alumni was approached by a PE-firm which had recently acquired a SEK 5 billion service company from the CEO/founder.