Optimising your team is crucial to reaching your business goals

It’s the beginning of the year. Your business plan, goals and budget are all worked out. However, the bad news is: If your team isn’t truly up to the task, it doesn’t matter how well thought-out your business plan is. The good news is: We can help you optimise your management team. 

As a leader, you should make a habit of asking yourself from time to time: Where are we now? Do we have a suitable team and the proper resources for the tasks ahead of us? Where does my team stand in terms of competence, abilities and potential to execute our plans?

What you might find is a gap between your management team’s ambitions and abilities. The next question is; how do you bridge that gap?

Bridging competence gaps 

Roughly speaking, there are two ways of overcoming competence gaps in teams. The first way is bringing in new people, perhaps even replacing parts of your personnel. The other, oftentimes more rewarding option, is optimising your existing team through assessments, audits and development.

For a team of leaders, professional coaching and support can greatly enhance your assembled abilities. Chances are good you’ll be pleasantly surprised by your collective slumbering potential.

Clearly defining criteria  

Many teams suffer from vaguely defined criteria. Turnarounds and strategy journeys, for instance, are generic terms that might mean different things to different people. 

Criteria confusion is particularly common when it comes to mergers and acquisitions. Strategic goals are often inadequately defined, operationalised or accepted by stakeholders. 

To succeed with processes like these, goals must be clearly defined and established throughout the team. 

Having the right leaders, in the right place and at the right time, is pivotal to any organisation’s success.

A well-functioning team is always greater than the sum of its parts. Having the right people around you enhances your abilities and takes you closer to your organisation’s goals.

Assess your team with a management review

With our expertise in executive assessments, audits and development, Alumni can help you secure performance, profitability and alignment to your business strategy. We map and assess four areas and organise them into three domains of leadership: THINK (strategic) – RELATE (interpersonal) – DO (operative).

Management Reviews are conducted with multiple goals, including to:
  • Understand competence, motivaton, gaps and development areas
  • Identify organisational challenges and focus areas linked to leadership
  • Benchmark against competitors
  • Get advice on organisational and leadership challenges

The output of a management review will be:

  • In-depth individual personality assessment of each team member covering motivation, personality and leadership, analytical capacity and stress style.

  • Functional assessment covering the individual’s current skill-set comparing it with what is needed for the role.

  • Management team effectiveness assessment covering fundamentals such as team dynamics, meeting culture, decision climate and adherence to decisions and strategic vs operative focus.

What you get is a chance to see the bigger picture. A review will provide answers. These answers will then pave the way forward and the benefits will be plenty.