Four female voices on leadership

Today we hear and see how the media around the world celebrates International Women's Day. It is a day where female achievements and empowerment is brought forward a little extra.

And what better way to empower women than to shine a light on a few of our own female leaders at Alumni! We asked them what sustainable leadership is according to them. This is what they said:

A few of our talented women at Alumni.

A few of our talented women at Alumni.


“Leadership is empowerment. To me, sustainable leadership is about creating safe environments where individuals can blossom, where mistakes are used for learning and development, and where we reach higher goals together.

Leadership is about creating teams where the whole is larger than the parts individually. Leadership is crucial for creating equal and inclusive teams and workplaces. 

This requires a conscious leadership, active choices and strategic deliberation. It does not happen by itself, but it pays off in the long run.”

 – Carolina Engström, Head of Leadership Consulting


“To me, sustainable leadership is to create the conditions for my team to be committed, feel good and achieve their goals. Clarity is important, to show care by being transparent making sure that your employees know what is expected. In a good working environment, every opinion is counted for, everyone feels they are heard and that they can be part of the business development.”

Louise Brondin Månsson, Nordic Research Manager


”Sustainable leadership to me is about seeing each individual, their unique strengths and capabilities and understanding what drives them. It's about nurturing and growing people's strengths over time and creating that level of involvement that makes a person want to do good things for the business.”

– Emily Johnston, Nordic Business Support Manager


“I believe that as a sustainable leader it is important to ensure that there is a wholesome view on work life balance as well as nurturing trusting relationships between colleagues. It is also of great significance to show each other support so that neither you as a leader, nor your team feel that they are alone. We are all in this together and everyone are a valued part of the organisation”

Carolina Körner, CFO