Considering an Interim Manager for your next Executive?

Do you need direct and hands-on support over a limited period of time and an in-depth perspective to a particular challenge or transformation within your organization? Executive Interim Management has become all-the-more popular in the last few years as it’s a cost-effective way to deliver growth, transformation, turn-around or support during vacancies at Executive Management levels.

The labor market has changed in the last few years, business development demands different skills at different times - needs that are not always best and fastest resolved through employment. This has meant increasing demand for time-limited solutions to address specific issues and challenges, and Executive Interim Management has become an increasingly common - and highly effective - solution to organisations’ needs of competence, flexibility and implementation power.
— Anna Hjertstedt, Impact Executives

Benefits of Interim Management:

  • Speed: Executive Interim Managers in our network are able to start within days

  • Value: Executive Interim Managers are highly experienced in their field of expertise and often overqualified. They enter your organisation with a mission and will deliver value from day one.

  • Results: Executive Interim Managers deliver direct and hands-on support and are focused on delivering the solutions to achieving measurable success.

Before starting the process of engaging an Executive Interim Manager: 

  • Seek advise from experts: Make sure to choose a partner who understands your specific needs in line with your strategy and business goals.

  • Set your goals: Ensure you have a clear vision and expectation for the assignment. An Executive Interim is a change leader who does not grow into their role but is expected to deliver from day one.

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