We help clients look beyond their organisation to identify the skills required to support rapid expansion and defend against intense competition.

We have built up an extensive network within each area of expertise and developed a specialised team of consultants with proven track records in their respective industries. They bring both the experience and ability to assess the competencies and cultural fit of board members, CEOs and senior functional leadership.


Technology & Digital

Changes within the technology industry have never been more rapid, more complex, or more intertwined than they are today. A thorough understanding of these new demand-side consumer dynamics will help companies improve both their innovation efforts and their competitiveness – with the added benefit of a better understanding of the next generation of talent that they must employ in order to succeed.

We help clients look beyond their organisation to identify the skills required to support rapid expansion and defend against intense competition. We serve technology-related recruitment needs across all industries, as well as helping technology-based companies find the right executives for leadership roles.


Financial Services

The banking and finance sector is in a state of constant change, both throughout our own region and globally. The pressures on companies and organisations to stay ahead are immense. In addition, changes in legislation and demands from regulatory authorities have dramatically toughened the requirements needed to succeed as a leader within the financial services sector. 

The Financial Services team of consultants have a thorough understanding of what it takes to deliver in demanding positions in the regional financial services sector and our competence and networks are primarily within the following areas: 

  • Private Equity

  • Asset Management

  • Private and Retail Banking

  • Pensions and Insurance

  • Fund management and Hedge Funds

  • Real Estate


Consumer & Retail

The last two decades have seen a paradigm shift in the global market place. Developed markets have seen limited growth and emerging markets are showing signs of slowdown. In addition, new rules in terms of consumer behaviour, purchasing criteria and media consumption have dramatically changed the way companies today need to define strategies that capitalise on these opportunities. 

The Consumer and Retail team of consultants have developed considerable expertise and long-term mutually beneficial networks in areas such as:

  • Retail

  • Consumer goods & services

  • Media, Entertainment & Sports



High technology is no longer a competitive edge in the developed markets, such as Europe and the US. The emerging markets have successfully implemented high tech into their businesses and can truly provide the same quality products at significantly lower costs due to the smaller OPEX they have to spend. This has forced traditional industries to transform from transactional businesses into service businesses, forcing company cultures and staff to gain new competencies and skills. Sociability and networks play a more vital role in even the service engineer’s day-to-day work, as there is a need to be able to solve customers’ problems on all contact levels.

The Industrial team of consultants have developed a deep expertise as well as an extensive executive network in three focus areas:

  • Industrial Goods

  • Construction and Infrastructure

  • Industrial Services

  • Transportation and Logistics


Life Sciences

The Life Sciences sector is facing major challenges. Business models that have proven successful in the past need to be re-evaluated and re-invented as well as new partnerships forged, while at the same time companies have to navigate their way through an increasingly non-regulated market. There is increasing competition in this sector as a number of major patents are due to expire – opening up the market and creating additional need for world-class talent.

The Life Sciences team of consultants have in-depth experience and networks within the following areas:

  • Healthcare

  • Medical technology

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Investors in life science



We see an increased flow between the private and public sectors – which expands the available talent pool and benefits both sectors. Public sector companies and organisations often face the same challenges as the private sector in terms of leadership succession. That the activity at hand is democratically governed by members or politicians, however, adds extra complexity to leadership assignments within the public area. 

The Public team of consultants have long personal experience from the interface between society and business. Several employees have served as leaders in non-profit organisations, trade associations and politically-driven organisations and have gained considerable experience and networks in areas such as:

  • Trade associations

  • Employers’ federations

  • Non-profit organisations

  • State and municipally owned companies

  • Public administration