About the Alumni Board Readiness Program

The program starting on September 20th is now full. The next program start is November 11th.

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Alumni is one of the leading firms in the Nordics when it comes to board recruitment and board review/development.

Would you like to be more confident in a board member role , improve your ability to contribute to the commercial success of the company and simultaneously broaden your own network? If so, Alumni’s Board Readiness Program will be of interest to you.

  • Learn the foundations of successful board work

  • Gain knowledge and experience from people with deep expertise in board work

  • Become part of Alumni’s exclusive network

This program targets individuals who want a more robust foundation of knowledge, seeking to take on board roles or acting as owners or senior executives, working closely with the board.

The purpose of the program is to make you feel assured in your role as a board member in your own company or as an external member of the board of other companies and to enable professional board work that will contribute to the company's competitive strength and profitability.

Practical information
  • The program starts with two full-day seminars, November 14th and November 28th (2019), where theory is mixed with workshops. The seminars are followed by a voluntary certification exam, which is completed online. The participants are also invited to three network meetings, each three hours long.
  • Location: Stockholm
  • Participants: Maximum 20
  • Tuition: SEK 21,900 (ex. VAT)

Program content

The program is held for two full days at one week intervals, which is followed by the exam and certification. The following content will be included in the program during the two training days:

  • Formalities and legislation governing the work of the board

  • How the members/owners create the right conditions for the board

  • The practicalities of boardroom work (priorities)

  • The board's dialogue and cooperation with the CEO

  • Reporting routines

  • From strategy to business plan

  • The board's dialogue with the owners/members

  • The board's personal and legal responsibilities

Meet people with broad board experience

During the course, lectures are mixed with discussions and practical cases from reality. An external guest also talks about how they have worked with the board in various phases of a company's development.

During the following six months, you will also be invited to three workshops during which you will have the opportunity to meet people with broad board experience from the Alumni network, while also giving you the opportunity to deepen your contact with other program participants. For example, we will invite board professionals, representatives from nomination committees and Alumni's consultants and partners, focusing on board assignments.


More information

Please leave your email address below and we will send you more information about the content and structure of the program.


Seminar leader

Satish Sen has over 30 years of experience from owner-managed businesses. Over the past ten years Satish has educated board members and authored a number of books on the topic.


Seminar leader

Louise Nicolin is a full-time board member since 2015. Prior to that Louise was an entrepreneur and consultant.

Program coordinator

Please contact Cecilia Ericson if you have questions about the program.
E-mail | +468 796 17 00


Program director


Head of Board Practice