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There is a direct correlation between the composition, dynamic and working method of the board of directors and the organisation's success.

The work of today's boards of directors is transparent and in ever-increasing focus, as demands and responsibilities keep on growing. Corporate governance is a dynamic area that is constantly under review, both nationally and globally, to meet the demands and expectations of all different stakeholders.

Board Review

Demands on the work and the performance of boards are increasing.

Alumni assists its clients in numerous board reviews annually and we are continuously developing our processes. Our quantitative and qualitative appraisal provides insight into how the board works and where there are areas for improvement.

The review also shows how the chairman and CEO perform their roles and responsibilities towards the board, and each individual director's contribution. We also analyse the composition of the board and its expertise.

The review is tailored to the needs and expectations of the board and the challenges it will face in the future, as well as taking previous reviews and assessments of the board's work into account.

As a valued addition to the board review, Alumni often conducts a separate evaluation of the CEO.

Evaluating the CEO is a main responsibility of the board, and the decision to replace the CEO as well as deciding upon the successor is often times the board decision that often has the most direct impact on the success of the organisation.

A broader evaluation of the management is also something we often assist our clients with as a facilitator for the board to meet its responsibility to continuously monitor the day-to-day management of the business.

Board Recruitment

Alumni is one of the most in-demand partners when it comes to board recruitment.

An effective board of directors with the right composition safeguards the company's development and both supports and challenges the CEO. This applies to both large and small companies.

Historically, boards have used their own networks to recruit new members but over time, both needs and demands have made this harder.

Today, the chairman and the nomination committee often seek external support, both to define the requirements and to find the most suitable directors.

Alumni is a trusted partner to boards seeking new directors. We offer our clients different search processes and tailor the process to the client's needs.