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Development of talents in a major Nordic financial group

Client situation
Retaining and developing key talents is an important and prioritised activity for all organisations. By making sure that the employees who stand out positively in terms of performance, potential and motivation are recognised and get the possibility to develop further secures the retention of this business critical group of individuals. Our client runs a number of internal programs aimed at developing and retaining key talents in the company. 20-30 program participants from all over the Nordics are selected through the yearly performance review.

During the first year of the program Alumni helped the organisation to design the content for the program as well as setting up the selection criteria. We also trained the participants line managers and their HR managers in how to secure strong development progress through "on the job"-focused development activities, such as stretch assignments. On an annual basis Alumni has since then conducted development focused assessments of all the participants as a start to the program. Furthermore served as coaches to a number of program participants during their program year.

This program is now a well-established and well-functioning annual development initiative in the company. The feedback from both participants and their managers of the participants has been very positive.

Posted on April 13, 2016 1:04 PM |