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An investment company - defining leadership criteria to create clarity

Let's talk Leadership Consulting with Alumni. This is where we put the spotlight on the case!

How would you describe the challenge in short?
Alumni: Our client is an investment company, wanting to create clarity on leadership expectations in its portfolio companies. In addition, we wanted to evaluate the leadership, create a base for succession planning and possibilities for leadership development.

How did we tackle the challenge? What were the steps taken?
Alumni: We started out by supporting the company in defining leadership criteria to create the clarity they were after. Following this, individual assessments were carried out on identified senior leaders within the portfolio companies.

What was the outcome (results) of this project?
Alumni: Both the investment company, as well as the individuals themselves clarified possible routes, objectives, career plans, next steps - as well as what would be needed to get there. Following the assessments, we also had feedback sessions with the individuals, focusing on how they could work with their development in their day-to-day business, i.e. where the results of the assessments could directly be applied in developmental actions.
Our client was provided with the information needed to create a greater understanding of how their leaders live up to the leadership criteria defined, and what the potential in the leaders is.

What were the learnings or key takeaways?
Alumni: It is crucial to understand how powerful it is to have clear, full view on what kind of leadership senior leaders are expected to live up to - following a structured process of evaluating leaders, providing in depth feedback and support in defining developmental action plans. Most leaders are not used to concretely defining developmental actions for themselves relating to leadership. By doing so we increase the ability to handle challenging situations and support individual and organisational growth.

Posted on July 24, 2017 12:53 PM |