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Global search for Chief Risk and Compliance Officer

Client situation
The client is a large international retail Group with rapid growth. In order to provide a sustainable structure with appropriate governance for further accelerated growth, the board and Group management agreed that a new Group CRCO (Chief Risk and Compliance Officer) needed to be recruited. The objective of the role was to facilitate the strategic business development with a business opportunity driven, pragmatic yet systematic risk management approach, aiming to create a common framework and way of working across the Group. Within this entrepreneurial company with a very strong culture one of the clear challenges for the new CRCO role was to identify the right leadership requirements that would be successful when placed under a global governance structure set up to safeguard and secure continued successful growth, whilst still allowing to further foster the successful entrepreneurial spirit of the company.

Alumni conducted a global search in order to find a multicultural, skilled and seasoned leader, with experience of driving transformation of risk and safety functions in a truly global value chain business. The search involved obtaining a thorough understanding of best practice in establishing the risk and safety governance in global companies with full value chain, including the challenges of the ongoing digitisation of the business by consulting key go-to advisors in risk management. Simultaneously we were looking for relevant change cases with a similar cultural fit.
The assignment was a demanding search challenging our advisory role and pushing us to find the right balance between a profile with senior formal skills needed in order to be able to fulfil the governance requirements, and the leadership and cultural competence needed in order to be successful in the entrepreneurial spirit of the company.
A successful candidate had to establish the governance structure needed whilst obtaining buy-in broadly from the board of directors down to operations.

The results of this truly global search was a final candidate with global experience and senior profile, who had a broad finance and business background with a spike in risk management. The final candidate came from European origins but had worked across the globe and lived in both Europe, Asia as well as the US with relevant international consumer goods experience. The final candidate had experience of establishing a global risk and safety structure in a similarly complex value chain business, with an even more global footprint and also with cultural similarities. The CRCO has managed the delicate balance between the governance and cultural requirements of the company and has built a strong team, supporting the business to have a sound risk appetite within a pragmatic and sufficient governance structure.

Posted on April 13, 2016 12:45 PM |