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This week in the spotlight - Katarina Ausenius, our consultant in Malmö, Sweden


What do you do at Alumni?
As a consultant at the Alumni office in Malmö, my focus is executive search with emphasis on the industrial sector

What was your career before joining Alumni?
Maternity leave for three years straight in Brazil, Sweden and Scotland. But before that...

...after finishing my studies in Political Science and Islamic Studies I landed a job in the HR department in Air Liquide HQ in Arlöv. Not exciting enough and thanks to the financial crisis in 2008 I started my own company Minaret Consulting which eventually took me to Dubai to work as a recruiter for EF Education First followed by Abu Dhabi and the Royal Group where I worked as an in house recruiter. After my experience in the Gulf life brought me to Brazil where I in Sao Paulo, for the very first time, touched upon the profession of Executive Search and later to work as an English teacher teaching Business English and English through The Callan Method to corporate clients.

What aspects of our client engagements do you enjoy the most? Tell us about where you have brought the most impact in a client engagement.
"To serve each client as if they were our only client.".

Share two things, business and private, that you are passionate about.
As a very curious people's person I'm passionate about giving individuals that little extra attention in their (our) busy, sometimes very challenging, daily life. That's why I run my project School For My Stars in Kathmandu, Nepal. A commitment that supports 24 amazing children with education, food and accommodation. What I sincerely learnt from this is that it takes so little to initiate a big change...

In business I take pleasure in being an "Alumni philanthropist." Monitoring a group of high achievers and match them with an interesting position in a dynamic company. To orchestrate a profitable match where we are all winners! That I enjoy.

Posted on September 19, 2017 12:36 PM |