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This week in the spotlight, Carolina Engström - our newly joined consultant in Stockholm office

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What do you do at Alumni?
As a consultant at Alumni office in Stockholm, I work across industries within executive search board and leadership services.

What was your career before joining Alumni?
Most recently I worked as the Secretary General of the Friends Foundation, a Swedish NGO working to combat discrimination and bullying amongst children and youth, nationwide and international. During the last ten years I have developed the organization in all fields; building strong partnerships for sponsoring and fundraising, working with advocacy and digital communication but also within leadership and organizational development focusing on evolve efficient researched based tools in training programmes. Before working at Friends I worked as a consultant in school management regarding diversity and gender issues.

What aspects of our client engagements do you enjoy the most? Tell us about where you have brought the most impact in a client engagement.
I enjoy the wide range of services that we can offer our client. Leadership is complex and therefore you need more than one tool to succeed. I particularly enjoy being able to be a trusted advisor and a long term partner to our clients.

Share two things, business and private, that you are passionate about.
I am passionate about building long term partnerships on all levels to create a sustainable society in all terms. One optimistic and maybe naive part of me always wants to save the world and make it better for future generations. By combining that optimistic visionary personality with Alumni´s business I am convinced that I can make a change on both micro and macro level. The world needs good leaders, and I hope to be able to contribute.
I am also passionate about stories. Real life stories or made up ones, all stories excite me as long they are good and fascinating. I am passionate about literature, both reading and writing.

Posted on September 27, 2017 11:51 AM |