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Nordic companies favour a deeper interpretation of diversity

November 15th 2017, Stockholm, Sweden - Diversity holds a much more profound meaning for Nordic companies than their foreign counterparts.

This is a finding from the Alumni / Harvey Nash Board Report 2017/18 which has for the pasttwo years collaborated with London Business School's Leadership Institute to investigate how boards are responding to the changing and challenging world of business and corporate affairs.

The research represents the views of more than 826 non-executive directors from the UK, Nordic countries and the Asia-Pacific region, discovering that Nordic respondents would like to see more functional expertise (72 %), international experience (64%) and cultural diversity (31%). Nordic boards are more likely to use a sound business case (40%) for extending diversity, but an equal number use no justification at all, most likely since diversity is considered simply to be 'business as usual'.

Nordic countries were among the first in Europe to force increased diversity by introducing laws about employee representation in boards. Today, this commitment has produced impressive results: the broadest spread of ages of any of the regional groups surveyed; the under 45s were the best represented of all the geographies, with a 10 per cent showing, while there are also one in ten respondents aged 66 or over. Almost half (49%) are women.

In a characteristically outward facing approach to business, Nordic respondents were the most likely to seek out sector experience and international skills in their board membership.

Diversity of thought was also of key importance. A Nordic executive commented on this interpretation of diversity: "In Sweden we have the 'grandfather principle'; all direct reports to the CEO are interviewed by someone from the board of directors. This enables us to promote diversity of thought in the executive team and prevents the hiring of people in their manager's own likeness."

Of the survey's Nordic respondents, just under half (47%) are non-executive directors, one in ten (11%) act solely as chairs, and more than a third (36%) hold both roles. Almost half (46%) hold a full-time position in addition to their board roles.

Due to their smaller markets the Nordic countries often experience a more exhaustive talent pool of non-executive candidates. As a result, networking is alive and well in the Nordics with more than two-thirds (67%) of their respondents known to the board at the time of their appointment. Of these, less than half went on to be formally assessed as part of the process and less than one in ten (9%) felt that the process was very rigorous.

As to what constitutes 'good business', Nordic companies echo the other geographies in placing transparency of reporting and anti-bribery at the top. In a departure from all other geographies Nordic board representative also cited improving human rights (92%) and environmental care (92%) as key priorities.

The European Chamber recently presented its annual report, 'Best European Countries for Business 2017'. This report ranks the European countries based on their business environment considering both short- and long-term elements. The Nordic countries were ranked in the top four.

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